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Summer camp at Yehoshua's Circus

A little about the camp

?Have you always dreamed of flying

At Yehoshua's circus camp you are going to go through 10 empowering flying days, wonderful friendships forged throughout the journey, physical challenges and a crazy success experience. In 10 days of camp we will discover the world of aerial circus, ground gymnastics, flying trapeze, juggling and many other stunts

What else?


Working on aerial elements (trapeze, hoop, flight and flying trapeze) builds the trainee's personal and physical confidence and teaches him/her to create within movement work.

Beyond the circus activity, we will also touch on different worlds of creation, have fun in the pool and play in a group.

The camp does not require any previous experience, you will receive all the initial and advanced tools in the 10 days of the camp. 


Where and when does it happen?

The summer camp takes place during the holidays in two cycles of ten days at 8:00-13:00 at the flying trapeze complex in Beit Yehoshua.

:Duration of each cycle - ten days. on the dates

Round 1 - 16.7-27.7

2nd cycle -30.7-10.8

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