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The Hebrew flying trapeze

Flying Trapeze is a device that comes from the circus world, on which tumblers perform various acrobatic exercises.

The flying trapeze artist jumps from a kind of high platform ("Platform") when he holds a metal bar ("Bar") that is connected by cables to high points, swings and performs an exercise.  In front of him, the inverted "catcher" ("Catcher") who swings at the right time meets the flying person and catches him in the air.

In recent years, as part of the growing awareness of fitness and health and as a response to extreme enthusiasts, the art of flying trapeze has become the domain of the general public. There are thousands of non-circus flying trapeze trainers around the world. In order to secure the training on the flying trapeze, it is now customary to connect the trainees' trainees to safety cables in addition to the existing safety net at the bottom of the facility.

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The  flying trapeze  is a specific form of the  trapeze  in which a performer jumps from a platform with the trapeze so that gravity makes the trapeze swing.

In a traditional flying trapeze act, flyers mount a narrow board (usually by climbing a tall  ladder) and take off from the board on the fly bar. The flyer must wait for a call from the catcher to make sure he or she leaves at the correct time. Otherwise, the catcher will not be close enough to the flyer to make a successful catch. The flier then performs one of many aerial tricks and is caught by the catcher, who is swinging from a separate catch bar. Once in the catcher's hands, the flyer continues to swing and is thrust back toward the fly bar in a maneuver called a "return"

(Source: Wikipedia)

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